I had borrowed the English Thailand Lonely Planet Guidebook from our library a few weeks ago, and read it.  I didn’t bring it with me, because I wanted to travel as lightly as possible and because I figured my niece would be my tour guide.  (She ended up being an EXCELLENT tour guide.)

Anyway, when I reached Thailand, all I could really remember from the book was some tourist site with the English name of Jim Thompson’s House.  So, not really knowing anything about it, I told my niece I wanted to go there.  That was good, because she had been wanting to go, too.


Jim Thompson was American who lived in Thailand during the 20th century.  He made his fortune on the Thai silk industry.  He built a gorgeous house which was actually several Thai houses fitted together.  The mysterious part is that he disappeared while on a walk and nobody knows what happened to him.  Kidnapped?  Murdered?  Abducted by aliens? Eaten alive by lol catz?  Cue X-files music.


The pricey shop where silk products with the Jim Thompson label are sold.  Considering I only brought 300 dollars with me to Thailand, this was beyond my budget.


On the premises of the house.  We could not take photos inside the actual house.


Bhudda statue.  Our tour guide told us, “Long ago, statues were sometimes made of gold, and a cheaper substance coated the gold.  Thieves would cut the head off to see if the interior was gold.  If this had been gold, the whole statue would have been stolen.”


My niece and my cousin.  What troopers.  They are currently in Vietnam taking photos of barbecued dogs.  (Not a joke.)


This shallow pond evoke memories of when my son fell in a similar pond when he was three.  (My cousin was there–my son and I had been waiting for him while he hiked up a mountain.)   It also evoke memories of when my niece fell in a swimming pool? a lake? and her mom rescued her.


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