I don’t think today’s photos are that interesting.  We had a bit of spare time, so we bummed around a bit and I snapped photos.  I wish I had snapped more every day scenes, but oh well it is too late now.


Thai street.  I do like this photo.  It looks fairly typical of a Thai street in Bangkok, minus the statue.


Krispy Scremes!  We were at an upscale mall.  Like I said before, there was VERY little Halloween in Thailand so I snapped photos of it when I saw it!



These were cute.  Expensive, I think, though.


Grocery store, I felt it was quite upscale.  Supposedly a typical Thai person doesn’t cook and eats street food, but then who are these vegetables for?


Same upscale grocery store.  Souvenir Section.  I felt it was pointless to choose Pocky as my obligatory omiyage.  I instead chose things like Mangosteen Puffed Rice and Durian Dried Fruit and that sort of stuff.


Just relaxing on a bench so I shot this photo.  My Lonely Planet guide book said that the average Thai earns 40 cents a day, but I find that hard to believe– at least not for Bangkok.  (I am sure people in Bangkok earn more.)  Even at regular stores, 40 cents a day isn’t enough.  My niece said people in the north are very poor and Bangkok is totally different.


Okay, to make up for my less-than-interesting photos, I’ll share something my cousin (who is VERY inquisitive) discovered.  He googled Thailand and was reading the Thailand Wikipedia article.  Then he clicked on the Thai king’s name.  Well, a message in Thai came up and we could not read further.  Evidently the king Wikipedia site is banned in Thailand!  I know they revere their king and I was careful not to say anything bad about him.  (Not that I have anything bad to say!  I barely know who he is!

Here is the Wikipedia king site  Read it and see if you can figure out why it is banned!  (I think I know.)

Next I googled the “King and I”, because I heard the movie (and probably the book) is banned in Thailand.  The “King and I” came up, so I guess they are not too worried about it.