Cooking Class Ingredients


Big Knife.  Getting Nervous.  Do Not Cut Your Fingers Off.


I have no idea what I was making.  It is all a blur to me now.


The cute and funny teacher and my cute and funny niece.


She is probably saying, “If you eat curry, you may go boom boom in the toilet the next day.”  (She actually said that 😉


Eat up.


Telling us the qualities of a good Thai housewife.


I will make a good housewife yet.


My favorite part.  Mmmmmm sticky rice and mango.  Now I am craving sticky rice and mango.  I want sticky rice and mango!


Seriously, the class was fun, but touristy.  I learned a lot about Thai cooking, although I won’t be able to replicate the recipes because we don’t have the ingredients here in Japan.  But our local Jupiter (the international food store) has packets of ready made curry so I think I will buy those and add veggies to them.

Funny:  There was a Singapore man in our group and he had signed up for a class every. day. of. the. week.  (Each day the menu changes.)  He said he loves cooking.  I couldn’t see myself in the class every day.  It’s a fun class, not a serious cooking class.  And like my niece said, “You would get tired of hearing the same things about Thai cooking over and over.”



And now to the serious, SERIOUS business.  The cooking class was my niece’s idea, and to tell the truth I was leery.  I have had bad experiences with “cooking projects” here in Japan.  I am constantly being told:  “Cut it diagonally!  You cut it too big!  No, you are not supposed to do that!”  And so on.

I just don’t want to cook with Asians.  (And I say Asians because the Chinese women are just as bad as the Japanese women.)  I don’t know how to cook Asian food, and honestly I don’t care.  Cooking is not really my thing.  I can cook, but it is hardly gourmet.

I enjoy cooking at home where I can do it my way.

So I was a little worried when I heard the words, “Cooking Class.”  But like I said, this was totally touristy and you really don’t have to know how to cook in order to do the class.  It is very easy.  (Plus, it is for profit–so they don’t make you feel stupid.  They want to keep their customers happy.)

Well, there you have it.  A little bit of my frustrations of living in Japan.