My niece and I took a Thai cooking class together.  She had taken one before, and enjoyed it.  She said they were quite common for tourists.

First we went to the market for shopping for ingredients.  It wasn’t REAL shopping–it was actually a detailed explanation of various Thai ingredients.  Our teacher would put stuff in our baskets to make us feel useful.



On our way to the cooking class. Thai street.


A wonderful thing about Thailand was all the fresh fruit.  It was commonly sold already cut along the street.  Alloy!  (Delicious!)


This is the market.  This machine shaves coconut.  I’m in heaven.


Thai ingredients.  Our teacher explained them, and I have to admit I was unfamiliar with a lot of them.  Who knew there were so many wonderful foods in this vast world of ours?


The market.  Both my niece and the cooking teacher said that Thais typically don’t cook their own meals.  Street food is cheap and already prepared, so they rely on that.  So yeah, the cooking class we were taking was VERY touristy.


Curry ingredients and chicken feet, side by side.  Yum.