My cousin said, “Where are all the Siamese cats?”  True, we did not see a single Siamese cat. 😉 But this kitty is a cutie.


The best pizza in Bangkok, according to my niece.  The pizza parlor had lots of foreigners.  I was surprised to see so MANY tourists, I am not sure why I was surprised.  I know we were in the touristy spots.  It just seemed like there were more foreign tourists in Thailand than in Japan.


Books!  My favorite thing.  This was at a small Thai bookstore in an upscale mall.  There was also a small English bookstore in the mall, but I did not take photos there since we all know what English books look like.


I like the book on the bottom right!  Very Thai.


Upscale “omiyage” shop.  I bought a few things here as souvenirs for people.  Lots of dried fruit.


Beautiful cakes!  However, my niece said that baked goods in Thailand look good, but don’t taste that great.  (Like the chocolate.)  Since I did not try any baked goods, I’ll have to take her word for it.


I felt like I was eating my way through Thailand.  I could have eaten even more than I did.  Lots of delicious food!  (And inexpensive compared to Japan.)


Okay, I was on the lookout for Halloween in Thailand.  This was the first bit I saw.  Really, there was hardly any at all.  Far, far more “Halloween Spirit” in Japan.  I think Halloween is gaining in popularity here in Japan, whereas apparently it hasn’t really reached Thailand yet.


Very upscale store.  My cousin said, “These jeans cost 200 dollars!  I can get them for 40 bucks in America.”


Isn’t this shrine so pretty?  Lots of little shrines dotted Thailand.


Okay, that was our first day in Thailand!

My impression?  Well, basically Thailand seemed to me like a ghetto Japan.  The Thai airport and subway were clean and very modern, but the streets were dirty and busy, with people just sitting around doing nothing.  Oh, and no nice neat recycling containers, no vending machines, lots and lots and lots of street vendors…..So obviously it was not Japan.  I think I prefer to live in Japan.  No offense, Thailand.  You just too hot,humid and dirty.

To visit?  Well, I was thinking about which country is better to visit.  Both have their good points.  But Thailand is much cheaper than Japan, so I think it is the clear winner.  (However, the flights from the U.S. are atrocious, so that works in Japan’s favor.)