Everybody who lives in Japan knows that you have to bring back omiyage (souvenirs) to people you know.  So the first day we went to Jatujak Weekend Market.  Just kind of a fun, bustling market with lots to buy.  The only problem is I would find something I liked, then continue on shopping, and not figure out how to get back to the shop that sold what I wanted to buy.



Market Place–Lots of fresh smoothies.  The prices are posted.  The rate is approximately 30 Baht to a dollar or 30 Baht to 100 yen.

Thailand had lots of wonderful fresh fruit.  Yum!  Whenever I got fruit, I chose something I could not easily get in Japan….like Durian!  LOL


My lunch at the market.  I came to Thailand JUST FOR THE GREEN CURRY.


This is a regular, everyday grocery store.  Lots of foreign chocolate in addition to Thai chocolate.  Today I tried a Thai chocolate bar…..not that great.  Low quality-ish.  So I understand the need for foreign chocolate.  And doesn’t everybody need chocolate?  I know I do.




Crackers!  My cousin wanted to know where the frozen pizza was.  lol


Okay, don’t these jeans look more “Japan” than actual Japanese jeans?


Okay, come to mama.  REAL THAI SHOPPING!


This is a rather upscale mall.  My cousin (who was with us) loves American food.  That’s him taking a photo of the KFC.  And after all, don’t we all go to Thailand to visit the KFC.


Thai flavors.  Oh, if I only wasn’t on a diet……………oh well.  If you rearrange the letters of the word DIET, it almost spells EAT IT.


Now what trip to Thailand would not be complete without MASSAGE????  One day we got feet massage, the next traditional Thai massage.

Okay, time to be brutally honest.

The massages in Thailand are not as good of quality as those in Japan.  The feet massage was more like a leg rub.  The Thai massage was okay, except my masseuse kept complaining about her boyfriend to my niece’s masseuse during our massages.  (Not that I understand Thai….I am guessing that is what she was complaining about.)

However…………..the Thai massages are MUCH cheaper than Japanese massages.  Much.  So can I complain?  No.  I cannot.

Okay, stay tuned tomorrow for more exciting SHOPPING IN THAILAND PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!