to the read aloud.

When we finished “By the Shores of Silver Lakes”, my son told me “I wasn’t really listening.”  I knew he hadn’t been.  I can tell when he likes the story and is listening intently.  He asks lots of questions.  The questions are both about content (“What does that mean?”)  and about the reading time/book (“How many pages left?)

I don’t do “school” stuff like having him tell me the story back to me.  That is a great thing to do, but I just do the read alouds for fun, not for intensive learning.

So basically I have been reading him the Little House series (a series I loved when I was younger) but he hasn’t been listening and he hasn’t even come close to loving it.

I am not going to continue with the series.  Next is “The Long Winter”, a hard read.  I don’t want to plow through it just to say we’ve done it.

In order to combat “Non-listening-itis”, I try to choose books he will enjoy.  That means more boy-friendly books, books with action.  If it is Goosebumps instead of Anne of Green Gables, so be it.

Of course, I want  my son to be exposed to the likes of Anne of Green Gables, even if it means that we will (probably) never get around to reading it together.  (And I doubt he will read it on his own.)  So I tell him about it.  He already knows about red-haired Anne because we have talked about her books.

I really enjoy reading to my son, and I know he loves it, too.  It’s something I want to continue as long as possible.