I always enjoy the monthly “Tosho Volunteer” book choosing at the public library. I didn’t get to do it last month due to work conflicts, but this month I was there!

First I had first grade. I chose a lot of totally random picture books that I don’t remember, but here are a few books that I do remember:
Milly Molly Mandy Storybook–Love this adorable book. Learned about it through the homeschooling sites I used to prowl.
Magic Treehouse #1 Probably these kids are so young that they have not been introduced to this series yet. Let the journey begin!
Kaiketsu Zorori–I feel like I have to throw in at least one from this series. These books are so popular.
My Father’s Dragon–really a popular book in Japan. I feel that the kids will come across it eventually, so I am kind torn about whether to include it.
Little Genie book–This series looks so girly girl, I know some girls will eat it up
Bailey School Kids–Looks first grade appropriate
Lucy Cousin’s fairy tales book

The Cat in the Hat–Dr. Seuss’s books are NOT as popular in Japan as one might expect.  However, I felt this is a book all kids should be introduced to

I Like Fall (by Lois Lenski)– I just love Lenski’s adorably old-fashioned artwork.

Moomintroll picture book–Moomintroll are really common in Japan (on calendars, on stationery, on glass cups and plates).  These kids are too little for a real Moomintroll book, so I chose a picture book.

I wanted to included “Little House in the Big Woods”  but the kanji did not have furigana.  Not having furigana made it an older kids books.  Darn it.  With the furigana, I know at least some of the first graders could read it.



After I finished first grade, I did sixth grade. I chose in part:
Winnie the Pooh–love this book! (the original version, which I feel is good for older kids)
The Story of the Von Trapp Family singers
Tom Gates–lots of cartoony artwork, looks boy friendly
short Roald Dahl book, the crocodile one
Goosebumps #1–I think these are great books, but the Japanese covers scare my son. I am sure some of the other kids won’t be scared by them
Murder on the Orient Express–I felt there are surely some kids who can handle this book that is actually aimed for adults.  Anyway, it is a great book.
Alice in Wonderland–Another mom put this in there, but I think it was a great choice.
Holes–My son and I are currently doing “The Boy who Lost His Face” as a read aloud. I partly chose it to see if it was appropriate for sixth graders in my son’s class. Well, I feel it isn’t. There is a lot of swearing and it is set in JHS, with JHS issues. I know most kids could handle it…….it’s just that I didn’t think it was appropriate to put in their basket. KWIM?  So I chose Holes instead.  (both by Louis Sachar)
a detailed atlas of Japan— I was actually looking for a book on volcanoes (Mt. Ontake) but time was running out and I chose this. It seems like something kids might like.

Henry and the Paper Route–Beverly Cleary was my favorite writer when I was a kid, and her books were the first chapter books I read.  Nowadays, her books seem old-fashioned and I am not sure if kids read them much.  Nevertheless I put this book in the basket.  Hope they read it.