It’s that time of the year again!  Time to think about calendars.  I was browsing in a local bookstore and found these calendars.DSCF2444

The above one is a kotowaza (proverb) calendar by Gomi Taro, of “Everyone Poops” fame.  I really like Gomi Taro, and was considering this.  It was all in Japanese, of course, but had a bit of English.  But when I reconsidered, I felt that there was not enough English, and also the English was a little “off.”


I ended up getting the above calendar.  There is English on every page, and it is well translated.  ONLY ONE CHANCE AT LIFE  The cat one was cute, too, but I thought the dog calendar was funnier.

I wish the English was larger.  Evidently the calendar makers didn’t actually EXPECT somebody to bother reading the English!


At top is an English calendar geared to elementary school students.  I nixed it when the first thing I saw was “PLAY ARCHERY”  Does anybody play archery???  Isn’t it more like “DO ARCHERY”?

Lots of lovely calendars to choose from!  I’d like to wait until the beginning of the year, and get ’em on sale, but I just know my favorites will be gone.

The 100 yen store also had some great calendars.  Bought some as gifts for America.  The label on them said, “Made in Japan”, too.  🙂