My son’s pants were too small, so I bought him some new ones. I got them on sale. The regularly priced pants have a lining to keep you warm. It’s not quite that cold yet.

He also showed me that his shoes were falling apart. I bought him some new shoes, NOT on sale. I showed them to my husband and he thought they were too expensive.

The brand is “Shunsoku” and my husband said he could find them elsewhere cheaper. I told him, “I won’t take these back until you do!” (Knowing that he wouldn’t get around to it.) So yeah, he never bothered searching for cheaper Shunsoku shoes, and I clipped the tags so our son could wear them.

I am not crazy about the fact that Shunsoku STILL has velcro………at size 25 cm! My son knows how to tie his shoes, but I am not really sure how good he is at it. He never really has to do it. My mom got him some NIKE shoes with laces, but my son prefers the Shunsoku.

I wear the same size as my son, so I can wear the NIKE shoes. They are quite stylish-black with green and blue trim.

Sort of wondering what my son will be wearing when he heads to JHS next year. Hopefully not still velcro!

Update:  I snuck looks at his best friend’s shoes.  They were also Shunsoku and they were velcro.  His mom in way way shape or form coddles him, so it must be a Japanese thing?