Somebody asked me that in Japanese class.

I answered, “To pass N2”  My Japanese teacher, “Well, also to communicate with Japanese people and make friends.”  I laughed and shook my head and mouthed, “No.”  Later, I thought it perhaps rude of me–after all, my teacher is elderly and IS my teacher.  But I can already communicate with Japanese people.  That’s not a problem.

I am trying to pass N2 so hopefully I can do some translating.  That way I would make extra money and have a career after my son leaves the nest.  So I am just thinking of the future.

Also, the more Japanese you know, the more the Japanese people expect you to act like and BE a Japanese.  (IMO)  I’m not Japanese.  If you are fresh off the boat from America, they cut you slack, but if they know that you know the intricacies of Japanese of Japanese culture, they expect you to sit the seiza, keep your voice down, not show your bra strap, not eat while walking…..and so on.  And I love spreading my legs all over the floor, talking loudly, not worrying about my straps, and walking while eating.  So I don’t wanna change.


We were walking yesterday and my son, out of the blue,  asked, “If you pass N1, can you be a translator?”

I said, “Yes.  But I am not taking N1.  I don’t know if I can ever pass N1.  I’m taking N2.  I’ve heard if you pass N2, you can do some translating.”

My son said, “I’ll help you!”  He pointed to a Japanese sign that said,  DON’T LEAVE YOUR DOG’S POOP ON THE GROUND.  “That kanji is 放置 houchi. It means leave.”

I thought that was sweet of him.


Right now school is cancelled due to the approaching typhoon.  So it is a Lego day!  And we are listening to “Wee Sing for Halloween”  It’s a little babyish, but I still love that CD.

Stay safe!

Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down….except when I get to stay home and play with Legos!