Halloween is the time of the year for CANDY!!!!!!  What’s Halloween without Candy?  Just another holiday with pumpkins and dead people.

So my son got a Halloween present.


I can’t wait to find out what is inside!!!!!!  The suspense is KILLING me.


Oh, my!  Chocolate for every day of the month!  Halloween every day!  Plus it teaches English!  Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My son asked for a Halloween calendar back in September, and I told him “Sweetie, I already bought it.”  He gets one every year.  Usually I have bought Morozoff, but I saw this Mary’s Calendar and I really like it, too.  The Morozoff has only Japanese.  It’s great in that way.  Mary’s is great for English.  The English is too easy for my son, but still fun!!!!!!

Daylight approaches.  Time to go back to my tomb. Er, I mean time to finish up this post.