Japanese Cats—These cats are from the cat cafe.  This marking (tabby and white) seems REALLY popular for cats in Japan.


Cutey Pretty Kittttttties!!!!!!!!


Kuro Neko Yamato (Black Cat Yamato)  A delivery company


Hello Kitty!  Who doesn’t know her!?!?!  Known in Japan as Kitty Chan


Jiji from Ghibli

Manekineko–Beckoning Cat

Famous American Cats

Sylvester….My son has no idea who Sylvester is. We need to get some  more America in that boy.

My son suggested Tom and Jerry.  Whew.  I guess he knows a little bit about America after all.

garfield photo: garfield garfield-whtisadiewithat.jpg

I agree, Garfield.  I agree.

Can you tell I like cats?  I want to be a Crazy Cat Lady.  I already got the Crazy, I just need the Cats.