Several months ago, my son pointed at some cartoon characters and told me “Those are the new “in” thing.”   And sure enough, nowadays, I see those characters everywhere.  They are Yokai Watch.  Yokai is the Japanese spirit world.  So cartoon characters from the Japanese spirit world.   Oooooh, my kind of creepy.

Admittedly, my son has not embraced the Yokai Watch craze.  He is a Nintendo boy and Yokai Watch are not Nintendo, he claims.  So while Yokai Watch are not among his faves, I have a list of my eleven year old boy’s favorite things:

He adores:

Winter   (Unlike Olaf the Snowman, who adores summer)

Cold Weather (see above)

Canada (see above)

Nintendo and all it entails

video games (duh)

Coro Coro Comics

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Captain Underpants

Star Wars

Star Wars Legos

Gravity Falls (his favorite American TV show.  According to him, it’s a good mixture of frightening and funny.  I like it, too.  It’s sort of an X-Files for the kiddy crowd.)

Ultraman and Kamen Rider (his favorite Japanese tv shows.  Superheroes for little kids)

OppagangnamStyle  (Go figure……)

Game Theory (Youtube TV show)


And the list goes on….