I play with my child.  I am not going to say that I play with him every minute of the day, or every time that he wants me to, but I do often play with him.  I enjoy it and he enjoys it.  It is good mother & son time.  What’s more it’s good for his language skills in English.

I know some mothers absolutely don’t play with their children.  And that’s fine.  When I was reading a book about bilingualism written by two American Hispanic moms (“Bilingual is Better”), one of them pointed out that she doesn’t play with her child.  She doesn’t think it is good parenting.

However……her child goes to a bilingual Spanish/English school so the child gets Spanish from not only home but also school.  My child gets English only at home, not from school or playmates.  So yeah, I admit, I try to “teach” my child English through play.  It’s a natural way to teach a language.

Sometimes, of course I can’t or won’t play with my child.  I’m tired or cooking or whatever.  Often though, if I don’t want to play, I will use my son’s playtime by reading aloud to him. For example, when he builds Legos, I read to him from a book.



When we do play, we goof around together, make up games, tell stories.  It’s so sweet to hear ny son tell me the rules of a game he made up.  And good English practice, too!  I have to admit we don’t play board games that much….I wish we did.  But my son is not into those games.   (Although we were once heavily into Uno!)

So basically I try to squeeze English into every moment, and that includes playtime.  English during homework time…..now that is a whole other post!