Shokuyoku means “appetite” so if you say “Shokuyoku no Aki” it means something like “Autumn is the season of delicious food.” Grapes, pears, persimmons……yum!

I think one of the many reasons that Japanese people manage to stay so slender (most of them, anyway) is that they adore fresh food that is in season.  Not to say Americans don’t, but it is almost an art form in Japan.

One little example is our local sweet potato truck.  Autumn is the time for sweet potatoes, and this truck has started roaming the neighborhood in search of hungry customers.


One of the nice things about autumn is chasing down the sweet potato truck!  Just make sure the truck sells sweet potato….and not something else, like, I don’t know, bamboo poles!    Because they have bamboo pole trucks, too.  Don’t be like me and ask the bamboo truck man for a sweet potato.  恥ずかしかった。。。  How embarrassing….