Well, I went to Starbucks today to meet a friend. Starbucks prices are VERY expensive. I didn’t even get a coffee for myself, I just got a pricey donut (240 yen) for my son’s snack. I felt I had to buy something for the privilege of plunking myself down in one of their comfy seats.

Previously I wrote about how Wi-fi is free at Starbucks. However, it is also free from 7-11. Here is the link: http://webapp.7spot.jp/?tmst=1412051343

You can just go to the store and apply there and get access. I personally had trouble reading the Japanese (no English?) and the sales clerk helped me. They’ll send you an e-mail to click.

The nice thing is that the free Wi-fi is available at all their affiliates, too, like Denny’s and Ityokakodo and Yorkmart and whatever else is written at the bottom of that link. So even though there are no comfy chairs at 7-11, surely you can find a nice seat at Ityoyokado.

IN OTHER NEWS: My love for Seven and I Holdings must be growing because I am awfully fond of their Nanaco card. I got it for free because I applied on a day that ends with the number “8”. Otherwise it costs 300 yen. (So make sure before you pay money for it that there is not a free day available to obtain it.)

I put money on it and use it all the time. So simple. Japan is a cash society (which I personally like because I think it helps to save money.) But this Nanaco card is like using cash because you can still see your money flying away on its little wings. Bye-bye money!