Yes, it is that spooky time of year again.  Or in Japan, I guess I should say ultra cutesy time of year again?  Because Halloween in Japan isn’t scary, it’s absolutely darling.

Except when it looks like this:


Um, wait, never mind.  Back to cute.

Okay, if you look at the ABOVE photo (the photo above the above photo) you will see some of the Halloween goodies I have purchased.

Cute Halloween candy?  Check!

Cute Halloween postcards?  Check!  (150 yen each.  Though I saw cheaper at Seria 100 yen shop.  Not as adorable, though)

Cute Halloween stationery?  Check!  (Good for forcing son to write to relatives.  Although he doesn’t write much beyond “Happy Halloween”.   It’s a work in progress.)

Cute Halloween ponytail holders?  Check!  (Yes, I am that kind of person.)

Cute Halloween earrings?  Check!  (To match my ponytail holders, of course.)


Actually the ponytail holders and earrings are gifts!   They are cute, though, aren’t they!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Long Live Zombie Cute!









Note to self:  Don’t ever google Sadako again……. :O