Today I had a yomikikase with the sixth graders. (Book reading, one version English, one version Japanese) I was torn between “Halloweiner” and “Skeleton Hiccups.” I finally chose Skeleton Hiccups because the English is about as simple as you can get. It’s solid basic English (“took a shower” “brushed his teeth”) that kids will need in junior high school, and they may have already learned if they take English lessons.

It was a success. They hung on every word and gave me a long ovation.

The storyline is a little babyish for sixth graders, IMO, but it’s in English and therefore the challenge is to learn the English, NOT to think deep thoughts about the plot. A skeleton who has hiccups is comedy! Hic Hic Hic

Skeleton Hiccups


Breaking News:  This just in!

The Play Cult Lady called and wants me to do Yomikikase for play cult kids.  We will have a meeting about it on Monday.