A few years ago, I discovered some wonderful books in the library.  They were maze books–books with awesome mazes in them and each book had some sort of theme, like Space Travel or Japanese Legends.  There is a whole series of them and they are so much fun.

I did them with my son (who loves mazes) and we pretty much ignored the Japanese written in the books, since our time together is English only.  We discussed in English, and I first learned about the Japanese legend “Yamato no Orochi” from these books.  Cool!

So it was exciting when the exhibit of these books came to our local science museum.  They had photos from the books and a life size maze we could bumble through.


A sample of the books.  This page taught me about “Yamato no Orochi”!


Photo of Mr. Gentaro Kagawa, the author and illustrator of the book series.


Even more exciting is that my son was invited to attend a maze work shop run by Mr. Kagawa himself!  Squee!!!!!


The kids drew mazes.  They were put together  into one big maze and Mr. Kagawa went through them all.  He was such a nice and neat guy!


Afterwards, he signed books.  I bought a book for my son and some for relatives.  Love these books!

If you have a library, look for these books.  They are fun for all ages!  This is the book my son chose:  Monogatari no Meiro (Mazes from Stories)  That’s Gulliver on the cover.