Every morning I go out walking, and when it is not a school day, my son walks with me. On Saturday morning a couple of young men in a truck yelled, “Whoo hoo!” at me, or whatever the Japanese equivalent is. My son said (jokingly) “Those guys said to you, ‘Hey, skinny lady! Are you single?`”


I haven’t talked much about my son’s multilingualism lately, so here goes…

Well, he goes to a Japanese public school (sixth grade) so there’s not much I can do about his Japanese progress. He likes math.

As far as English goes, he can speak well, but we work on literacy skills every morning during Mommy Mommy English time. Does he enjoy the English lessons? Heck no. Does he do them? Heck yes.

We have several different books we work in, a little in each. Seriously, just a little. One section in each at a time. There is so much to work on, I would rather space it out than work in just one book.

He has atrocious handwriting. It’s bad in Japanese, but far worse in English because he is not particularly scared of his mom like he is of his teacher.

I wish he would enjoy creative writing more. He doesn’t seem to enjoy writing stories and that kind of thing.  As you can tell, I enjoy writing.  My fingers itch to write.  But I hate math.

Okay, I don’t want to read this twenty-five years from now and see only bad things.  The good things?  He does his English every morning without fail!  He is such a ganbaru little boy.  Never gives up.  Complains only a wee bit.  I enjoy English time with him!  I can honestly say that!

Here are our current textbooks.

Wimpy Kid School Planner (found at Walmart)  He writes his “thought of the day.”  Usually something very enlightening 😉 like “I like video games.”

Explode the Code–The never ending series for us, because we just do one page at a time.

Scholastic Reading Tests–Little essays.  We don’t have much time in the morning, so like that they are short.

Handwriting:  Cursive–More about THIS later.

240 Vocabulary Words Kids Need to Know– I basically like this book.

Spectrum Writing– I basically like this book.  My son hates it.  He doesn’t want to continue this series.  I do.

New Horizons supplementary text (bought from local bookstore)  This is for junior high students, to help with their English.  For my son, who is eleven, it’s getting ready for jhs when there are specific things the teachers look for.  I like this textbook.

Spelling:  I used to get words from an internet site, but it was a PITA and I did not care for the words I was getting.  So I take words from the New Horizons book.  They are at his level, and he will need to know them anyway in JHS.