A feeling of RELIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just finished the Somatome Kanji book (N2) and I am so incredibly ほっとーーsighing with incredible relief.  I had been working diligently at that book since………..forever. It seems anyway. I think there was a time in the distant past when I wasn’t slogging away at that book, but well, I can’t really remember.

So I thought we should throw a huge party in celebration of me finishing the kanji books.  I suggested that to my husband and he said that now that I am finished with it, I can do housework.  (More housework, I corrected him.  More than I am already doing.)

I am replacing the Somatome Kanji book with the Somatome Reading Comprehension book.

Also….I promised myself…. NO MORE NEW BOOKS!  However, I succumbed and bought a new book.


Here is the story behind it:  In Japanese class, my instructor likes to use a book of essays.  It’s at my level, but I find it difficult because he just simply reads it to me.  I can’t do preliminary preparation or review, because I am not allowed to bring this particular book home.  So I found the book on amazon and bought it.  It is this book: Chukyu Kara Manabu Nihongo  I like this book.  My Japanese teacher really likes it.  It is full of beautifully written essays–literary, as my teacher says.  It also has other stuff, like introducing the difficult words and “Let’s think about it” and grammar.  So basically it is a good book for N2 level.  That’s my new obsession textbook!