Americans have a fascination with guns. And Japanese have a fascination with Americans being fascinated by guns.

The image of my country that most Japanese people seem to have is that of a wild violent country where you could get your head shot off at any moment. They imagine even little children toting guns–and the fact that a nine year old shot her instructor encourages this image!

It amazes me that every year I travel to the States and come back alive.

Japanese citizens actually are allowed to own guns…..but with far stricter rules and regulations. (Far stricter! Nobody else is allowed to hold that gun, let alone shoot that gun, and so on.)

Also I heard in the news the other day that American police officers frequently misplace their firearms and they get “lost.” Well, that doesn’t happen in Japan. A cop here told me he signs his gun out when he begins work and and signs it back in when he finishes his shift. Hardly, the image of the television American cop who grabs his pistol during an off hours robbery and saves the day.

A Japanese customs officer who was a friend of mine told me that people sometimes attempt to bring souvenir bullets from Guam into Japan.  If caught, their bullets are taken away.  “Awww….they are just souvenirs!” I exclaimed.  His face turned serious and he said, “One bullet.  One life.”


Guns don’t kill people.  Bullets kills people.



Especially in Texas.


A bullet hit me in the head and ever since then I’ve been dead!

Now I’m stuck here behind glass while my ghost haunts that hunter’s ass!