Fukushima Prefecture is famous for its peaches, but I thought my dad’s peaches were the best!  Sweet, plentiful, and free!  In this photo, my dad and son are feeding peaches to the pig next door!  Oink Oink!



Chickens and Fresh Eggs!  Be careful, though, the rooster will attack to defend his harem!

In other news, tonight is a full moon (Monday, Sept 8, 2014) and it is moon viewing day in Japan!  (And I think in all of Asia.)  So get some dango and enjoy!  I know I will!

And in still other news, my son lost a tooth yesterday.  Yes, at the grand ole age of eleven he is still losing them and raking in the dough!  The tooth fairy left his money with a note for, ahem, reading practice.  Sneaky, sneaky.

You are a wonderful kid!  Love, Toothie