says that I need at least 19 points in each section to pass. So kanji and grammar and listening are okay for me. It is the gruesome reading section that I need to work on.

Plus I need at least 90 points total. So hopefully I can improve listening or whatever and bring up the total points.

The Somatome books that I have studied so far are vocabulary and grammar, plus I am on the last chapter of kanji. I tell you, I can’t wait to finish this kanji book. It feels like I have been studying it forever.

I still have to do the Reading and Listening book. I own them, but have to do them. So it makes sense my reading score was so low–I haven’t studied “Reading” at all. Plus I don’t really read Japanese in my spare time (expect the children’s newspaper.)  I devote all my energy to the Kanji book.

I felt like I need to get vocab and kanji down before approaching reading, which is why I did that first.  Hopefully in the next few months I can read more.  Plus, I need to read JLPT type stuff.  I have a Magic Treehouse in Japanese in my desk at work, but that’s not exactly JLPT material, is it now.

Okay, keep trying.  Don’t give up.  Rah Rah.