I found a new free Japanese class. The one I currently attend is free and done by volunteers, and I heard about another one. So I went in to see what it was all about.

There were four Japanese volunteers. And students? I was the only one. LOL

So we shot the breeze for an hour. Just chatting in Japanese. Lots of “How long have you lived here?” “How old is your son?” Those types of conversations. One guy told me I should be studying for Level One (the highest level) rather than Level Two because I have been here so long. Whateveh!

Some words I learned:

futeiki-irregular  (Talking about my work schedule)

jidori-selfie  (Me explaining that new words pop up in English)

kikanjyuu–machine gun (Telling me how violent America is due to the unfortunate incident of the nine year old girl killing her gun instructor)

and one more that is gone to me now.  Three out of four ain’t bad.

So the free Japanese classes ARE out there.  You just really have to seek them out and do some investigative work to find them.