My son said dramatically, “Without the Internet, I would DIE!”

I explained to him that no, he would not DIE.  I lived quite happily for many years without the internet.

Nevertheless, sometimes I have the same feeling:  Without the internet, I would die!

The internet has definitely made living abroad and living multilingually so much easier.  I can get English materials from the net.  We can watch TV on the net.  We can find out quite quickly how to make pancakes from scratch on the net.  I can get multilingual support from the net from others who are taking the same journey! I can keep in contact easily with lots of people from home on the net.  I can show off my son’s photos on the net.  I can zip a quick email to my parents on the net.  The net is my safety net!

Way back when, you actually had to trudge to Tokyo for an overpriced English book or make do with whatever you could find in the Japan Times.  You were limited to English programs on NHK.  Mailing a letter took forever and phone calls were expensive.

So I do love the internet.  And while I wouldn’t die without it……..I am happy it is around.