Back when my son was a little one, I used to really get into the world of raising your child multilingually. I read the books and lurked the internet, all in hopes of raising my child multilingually.

These days I don’t get into it as much, probably because my son is eleven and is now bilingual in Japanese and English. So it’s been accomplished. There’s not a whole lot for parents of older kids out there, so I see or read what interests me and move on to other stuff.

However, like I said, I was really into it when my son was young. I had a whole list of links to fun sites meant to bolster his language skills. Here are some that I remember. This site is so much fun, especially for smaller children. It is a nonverbal site, so any language can be learned from it. I think it was responsible for my son breaking our computer. (I see now you have to log in. I assume it is still free? Although I know they happily accept donations.)  I still love and use this site, maybe more for me than for my son.  Famous people read books.  Awesome!      This is in English and Spanish.  I remember enjoying it when my son was little!  (For some reason, this link is not working.  Just google and you will find it.)  I think the videos are off limits if you live out of the U.S. but everything else is all right.  With this site, you get to listen to a wonderful British accent!  We loved Nickjr, although it has changed quite a bit since my son was little. Four different sites/Spanish and English.  This site is responsible for a catchy song that got in our heads and we still sing today.  We didn’t actually do this one, but isn’t it neat?  Another offering from the truly wonderful BBC.  Isn’t it wonderful?  Free audio stories.  Two of my favorite words:  Free and Story  Okay, this one is new.  I cheated.  We never used it when my son was little.  But it looks good, doesn’t it?


There you have it!  Enjoy exploring!  Don’t let your baby break your computer!


(Okay, pretty much none of these links go directly to the right page.  But if you click a bit, you can find them.  Sorry I am so computer illiterate!)