We saw the Doraemon movie yesterday. For those not familiar with the Doraemon movie franchise, every year they release a cartoon animated Doraemon movie. But this year was special, because they released a 3G computer animated Doraemon movie different from all the rest.

When we first heard about this movie, we were excited because it was computer generated and step above the others. And I have been reading ALL the bilingual English/Japanese Doraemon comic books with my son, so I know the story of Doraemon. So I have been looking forward to this movie as a way to practice my listening comprehension of Japanese.


Usually when I watch a movie in Japanese, I’ll miss some key plot point that leaves me confused at the end of the movie.  But because I had read the comic books–and I knew the movie closely followed them–I counted on being able to follow the plot easily.  And that’s exactly what happened.  I knew everything that was about to happen and just concentrated on understanding each and every Japanese word.

I definitely understood most of the Japanese.  There was a part when Doraemon lists Nobita’s faults and I would love to have a list of those vocabulary words.  In English, it went something like this:





and so on…..

The only down side of this movie was that because I knew the entire plot beforehand it didn’t keep me on the edge of my seat.  It was a great movie, but I always sort of knew what was going to come next, and I pretty much knew the ending.  That’s they trouble when movies follow books closely.


But it was a good movie.  I recommend it!