Omiyage=Souvenirs you bring to people who were not as lucky as you to travel to an exotic destination

In previous years, I often brought back Hershey`s chocolate. That’s what I ate when I was a kid, so I figured it was good enough. However, (and I posted about it) this past spring I ate some from their miniature grab bag and I was not pleased with the quality. So this year, I decided to step it up a notch.

I brought back for various people: Godiva chocolate bars (available from supermarket) Ghiardelli chocolate (available from supermarket) and Sprouts candy bars (available at Sprouts supermarket.) The only one of these I have tasted is Godiva. I had a snip of it and it was yummy.

I also brought back some Clinique for a couple older women.  It is way more expensive in Japan than in the States.  Plus, the instructions come in a variety of language, including Japanese.  So that’s nice.

For a friend who is pregnant, I bought a diaper bag and filled it with goodies.  They don’t do baby showers here in Japan, isn’t that a shame?  Filling the diaper bag was my mom’s idea–she is crafty that way.

I did NOT bring back omiyage for my son’s class.  Why not?  I have heard that it is just not done.  Well.  Lo and behold, a boy went to Australia and brought back a key chain for every kid in the class.  So I guess it is done.

I told my son to bring the chocolates and pass those out, but he said they are not allowed to give candy.  So I rummaged in my purse and found twenty-three dimes and instructed him to take those to school, pass them out and explain about them.   He said he did not want to do it, and he didn’t.  Hey, his choice.

Now I am feeling bad we did not bring all those kids omiyage, but hey we go to the States at least once a year.   That’s a lot of omiyage.  Don’t like this omiyage custom one bit!