My son says this to me several times a day. I always try to put aside what I am doing to to take time out to look and listen to him.

I think trying to raise him bilingually means that it is even more important that I pay attention to him and listen to him. He doesn’t get English from school and friends. So his dad and I are the ones that he tells his exciting discoveries in English to.

This morning my son and I walked together. He told me all about, in detail, how Mario is “bad”–according to the Youtube tv show “Game Theory”. It’s all because of this and this and this and did I know Mario has THREE girlfriends? No, I didn’t. But didn’t he and Pauline break up long ago? And isn’t Rosetta his girlfriend? My son explained why not only is Mario bad, but he also a Casanova.

And he held my hand as we walked. And I treasured our time together. Who know how long this precious phase will last?