Hello!  I am now posting from a Starbucks using their free wifi.  You simply open an account at http://Starbucks.wi2.co.jp/

One would think there is free wifi all over Japan, easy to access, but that is not true.  For Mcdonalds I think you have to be a paid subscriber.

Here in Tohoku, a foreigner can show his or her passport at a tourist info center, located at train stations.  You can then get free wifi at certain spots for two weeks.  I can’t do it because I live here.  Stingy, huh.

I’d like to see Japan be a more wifi friendly country.  They want tourists, so I don’t see the problem.  

Oh another option is that the prefectural library (but NOT the city library) offers free internet service.  Again, all the libraries really should offer it.  The prefectural library is a little out of the way for most people.  Although it is next door to the art museum!

Japan has a reputation for being “technological” but it is really less so than the States.  Not sure why that is…..