Warning: Canadians may not want to read the following post.

My son loves Canada. My husband and I are like, “WHY?” My son says because it is cold and he likes cold weather. We both said independently of each other, “Star Wars did not come from Canada.” Because our son loves Star Wars.

My son told me, “You said that Canada is the GOOD version of America!” Yeah, that sounds like something I would say. I need to stop teasing! I do think of Canada as “America Lite”.

We went to an Anne of Green Gables exhibit. It was about the author L.M.Montgomery and the Japanese translator. It was quite interesting and my son learned about red haired Anne.

In the gift shop, I was teasing, “Oooooh, beavers!  Your favorite country!”  And my son said, “Canada isn’t my favorite country.  It is my third favorite country!”

I need to stop teasing him.  Actually, we have a really great relationship.  He loves his mommy so much, and I love him so much.  I just have a stupid big mouth and sometimes I need to shut it.