For my son’s “English Lesson”, we always do it very early in the morning. If it doesn’t get done early, then it doesn’t get done. We are just too busy the rest of the day and whatnot.

Fortunately, both my son and I wake early. We sit on the sofa together and work through the workbooks, a little in each. (I’ve previously described the workbooks, so I won’t describe them again here.)

After a certain point in the lesson, he starts to rebel. He no longer wants to do any more. Plus there are other distractions, like a good TV show starting. (Early morning kiddy shows.) Or Papa finishing up breakfast. (He makes breakfast while we do the English.) So anyway, I would love to just continue forever because there is always more to learn.  But we have to wrap things up, so we do.  Basically  at the point where  he rebels.


In other news, we went to the Pokemon show at the Planetarium.  It’s not a real movie, but a planetarium movie.  It was all about how there is debris from satellites floating around the earth and at any moment a stray hunk of metal could hurtle down towards our planets and strike you on the head.  Nice.


The Doraemon movie last year was about how asteroid are hurtling towards the earth constantly and at any moment a huge one  could destroy life as we know it.  Even nicer.