Yes, my son has got it!

He worked on his workbook in the United States, a few pages every day. (Ideally.)

Now we are in the last week of summer break, and he is scrambling to do the projects. They are:

1.) Read some previously chosen books. My son does not really like reading other than comics, so this is an uphill battle.  And if he is sitting on the couch reading his homework book, should I tell him to stop so we can do our English lesson?  Right now hubby is ordering son to continue reading the homework books rather than browsing a Star Wars memorabilia book in English.

2.) Do a science project.   My son chose to construct a maze and put a rollie poley through it to see if it can find the leaves at the end.  You know it’s always easy to find rollie poleys when you don’t need them….when you need them, it is difficult to find them!  He found them, though.  Anyway, he chose rolie poley because it won’t climb the wooden walls.  Ooops.  He discovered rolie poleys can indeed climb.  I told him to put flat plastic on top so they can not climb out.  He experimented with other bugs, too, not sure what his results are.

3.)  Paint a picture of a horse.  This is propaganda homework from the Fukushima Racing Track that is meant to brainwash our children in favor of gambling.  I am not too bothered, because I basically like the racing track.  Anyway, he drew a horse and still has to paint it.

They keep us busy!!!!!!!!!

He very well may have other homework I am not aware of, like last year when he made a map at the last minute.