My son has an American Nintendo DS handheld game stystem, so when we were in the States, he told me he wanted the game “Tomodachi Collection.”

I though……Hmmmmmm. Do Americans even know the word “Tomodachi”? My son said, “They can learn.” 🙂

I bought it at Walmart, and it was the last one in the store. Very popular, I was told.

Anyway, it is pretty similar to Animal Crossing (another video game). You live in a video game fantasy world where you design people and write songs, among other things. I like that it is all in English (since it is the American version.) My son keeps asking, “How do you spell ~~~~~?” So yeah, more educational than Mario Bros.

So if you are a game playing family, I recommend this game! It has kept us hooked!


ETA:  I made a mistake.  In Japan, it is called Tomodachi Collection, but in the U.S. it is called Tomodachi Life.