Nowadays on international flights, there are little TV screens for each person. No longer does everybody watch the same movie at the same time on a big screen in front of the cabin. This is a wonderful improvement!

I don’t watch the movies, rather I watch the TV shows I can’t see in Japan. I chose “Orange is the New Black” and watched all the episodes offered. It is about a nice white girl who goes to prison for an offense she committed long ago.

The TV show has LOTS of drama, LOTS of lesbianism, LOTS of corrupted guards. It does keep you hooked, though. It is based on the book of the same name, which is based on the author’s actual story of being incarcerated. I was interested in seeing how real life measures up to the TV show, and so I read the book.

The book was very interesting, but there was WAY less drama, WAY less lesbianism, WAY less corrupted guards. Anything exciting in the TV show did not actually happen.

The book is well worth reading. I have often wondered what goes on behind bars, and now I know. Oh and the TV show is R rated, but the content of the book is PG. (My ratings, not official.)