I rented “The Wind Rises”, last year’s big Ghibli movie. I quite liked it. My son did not particularly like it. He thought it was boring.

I prefer to watch the Ghibli movies at home where I can read the English subtitles. There are words that are beyond my level (sanatorium, for example) and I like that crutch.

However, the new Ghibli movie “When Marnie was there” is out now and I have read the book. So I figure I should be able to follow the movie if I watch it without subtitles. My husband wants to see it as a date movie. How romantic. ❤

Not sure if I want to spend the money though! Japanese movies are so pricey, and I did not buy “mae uri ken” for the Marnie movie. (Tickets you can purchase before opening day at a discount rate.)