I have a relative who has a relative with a son with mild autism. So we were invited to a special event at a water park for families and friends of kids with disabilities.

We were waiting in line to get in, when the son screamed a bit. (He was jostled by another kid in our group.) Anyway, behind us was a family with a severely disabled son.

The mom in the other group said extremely harshly to the boy in our group: “Don’t scream like that! My son can not tolerate loud noises!”

I said “I’m sorry.” And I told the boy’s dad what had happened. (He totally took it in stride and just told his son to quiet down.)

Anyway, I thought the mom was overly mean to us. She could have said what she said in a nice way. And what was ironic, it was an event full of disabled people, so to be honest, there were MANY kids and young adults making loud noises at the event.