While I was out shopping, my son stayed at my aunt’s house.  She tutors a twelve year old neighbor boy and wanted my son to play with him.

So in anticipation of the “playing” I brought three games:  Connect Four, Mancala, and Battleship.  I got there and there were two neighbor boys there, and they were playing Xbox video games.  So I said “What game are you playing?”  They said, “Mortal Kombat.”


I said that my son doesn’t play that and do your parents care you are playing that?  They said their parents don’t care.  I asked who owned the game, and it turned out to belong to my aunt’s son, who is an adult and no longer lives at home.  So I suspect their parents don’t even know they are playing Mortal Kombat.

Anyway I left for shopping.  My aunt told me my son absolutely did not want to play Mortal Kombat and they played sports games. (At first I thought it was real sports outdoors, but it was actually video game sports)

So my son got a taste of American boys his own age.  My aunt said they really like him and want him to come back tomorrow.  They are fascinated by the boy from China Japan.