Anybody who lives in Japan probably knows who Crayon Shinchan is.  If you don’t live in Japan, then I guess the best way to describe it is a little like a preschool Bart Simpson.


We’ve seen the tv show and the movies, and it is pretty hilarious.  But the humor isn’t too risqué, just a little.  It is meant for little kids, after all.  A favorite joke is Shinchan showing his butt and dancing around.


So I bought the Crayon Shinchan comic in Japanese and it is far raunchier.  Too raunchy for my eleven year old son to read.  An example:  They are at the beach.  Shinchan is staring at a woman who is sunbathing.  Finally he asks his mom, “Why are there hairs coming out from that lady’s crotch?”   Ewwwwwwwwwwwww…..


So at the airport I found a Shinchan comic in English.  I bought it with the intent of giving to someone who would appreciate the raunchy humor.  I read a bit, and while some is harmless, other stuff is like this:  The mom and dad are attempting to have s-x and Shinchan keeps waking and disturbing them.


So I gave it to one of my cousins and later he called me and exclaimed, “Do you know what you gave me?  That little boy has turned his wiener into an elephant!”  I laughed and said yes.  I thought he, as a  Mad magazine reader, would enjoy it.  And I was right, he liked it, but was just just surprised.

The book is available on amazon as Crayon Shinchan volume 1.