American convenience stores are different than convenience stores in Japan.  In America, they usually have gas stations.  In Japan, they don’t.  And Japan has a higher quality of food.  In America, it is really hard to find something healthy for a meal.  Also, in Japan you can easily find healthy drinks. It is harder in America. They are so sweet. I did find unsweetened tea, pictured above. But I was in a quandary because I have given up caffeine. So….hmmmmm……whats non calorie and non caffeine? Water?

Today I did go to the opposite spectrum, Sprouts food store. It is one of those organic type stores. Lots of fun! Bought Swiss cheese for my son because he was fascinated by the idea of it, however I couldn’t find it in Japan. However he is definitely underwhelmed by actual Swiss cheese here in America. It is in competition with all the other sights and sounds of the U.S.