Thanks to the wonderful generosity of my cousin’s wife. She is extremely nice.

However my camera conked when we arrived at Legoland. Bummer.

Legoland was the one thing my son wanted to do in America, so I am glad we did it.

It was our first time at Medieval Times and so much fun. While eating dinner, we watched jousting. We each had a certain knight to root for, and coincidentally our knight won. My son got SO excited during the show. That’s really his personality. He’s been chosen as cheering leader for sports day before because he is so enthusiastic.

So anyway, our vacation is going smoothly except my son is not eating much. He is already skinny and is just getting skinnier. He’s so very picky. He DID eat the food at Medieval Times and I think that’s because it was served in the dark and he couldn’t see it. Hmmmmmm…….