I used to live in Narita City, and I just loved it. It’s a small city with lots to offer. Visiting the airport was fun for me even if I was not taking a trip.  Lots of neat shops.  This is just a small sample.


101_5171I stopped by the Swatch store because my Swatch band broke and it is turning out to be a PITA to get it fixed.  However, even at the Swatch store, they could not fix it because they did not have the right size.  Durn it.

101_5172 101_5173DEPARTURE FROM NARITA AIRPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Should have bought this shirt.  Instead I bought a Uniclo shirt because I was so gross and sweaty.  I had stupidly forgotten an extra shirt.

101_5175 There is just so much kitschy Japanese stuff, so much more than is available in F.C.  And the prices were comparable.(However, I do prefer to buy local.)

101_5176 I had researched the Terminal on the internet and found this toy store.  In reality, it wasn’t great.  Hardly a store, not the real thing.


Also, a Hello Kitty store.



Of course I found the book store.  Of course.


Love Japanese ghosties, so I liked these books.  Didn’t buy them though.


Here in the States, it is unseasonably cool.  Imminent Global Cooling?  Anyway, it is great weather, so much better than hot and sweaty Japan.


❤ from America!