The test started at 12:30, which I thought was a little early, but oh well. I had an early lunch and then tried to relax, but couldn’t. It was just a ten minute walk from my house, so I could have left at the last minute, but just couldn’t relax at home so I left early and arrived at 11:55.

Quite a few people were there already, and the room was open, so that was okay. I hadn’t brought any study materials, because I just wanted to veg. I also did not bring my phone because I had a fear of it ringing despite being turned off. 😉

I talked to the guy next to me. He was from India, and Koriyama City, and very nice. The girl behind me was from Canada. There were more native English speakers than I expected.

When I started the test, I felt it was extremely difficult and above my level. It was hard, hard, hard. I really should have taken the N3. The Somatome books didn’t do a good job of preparing me, but oh well they are my level and I enjoyed them, so I wouldn’t change studying Somatome. I learned a lot from them.

The girl in front of me had a very pretty braid down her back. I hoped my hair was pretty in back for the benefit of the guy behind me.

The was an Asian chick with a t-shirt that read on the back “SMILE if your horny” LOL Luckily this is not the TOEIC test or she’d be thrown out for bad grammar. Also, I want one of those t-shirts. I should have asked her where she got it.

The temp in the room was okay. I know the proctors worried about that.

I was in the back, so at first the sound level was too low on the recording and a brave soul said something. (They ask us if the sound is too low to raise our hands. Of course, nobody wants to appear as if they are hard of hearing.)

It’s a very long test, and I was quite worried I would conk in the middle of it and take a nap, but I guess when you are revved up for a real test it is quite different than when you are studying on your sofa. So basically the time was okay. I finished the test right on the dot. The did not give us a five minute warning, but I had been checking my watch periodically and sort of knew when to wrap things up.

So basically I know I failed. I had planned to take it again in December and pass it but (and I am being a Negative Nelly Realistic Rita) I don’t really think I’ll pass it in December. The level is just so high, especially the reading comprehension.

It is okay that I failed. It was just a practice, really, and I am going to continue studying and be on track in no time!