I am so not ready for it. I sort of wished I had signed up for the N3, then I would have hopes of passing.

I have been studying the Somatome series and am not finished with it yet. I finished vocab and grammar texts, and am currently in the middle of the Kanji Somatome book. I figure without knowing the kanji, I don’t have a prayer at the reading comprension.

Japanese still looks to me like gobbleydegook.

I looked at a sign while out on my daily walk and read somethingsomething株  Oh, okay something about stocks because I think that is what that last kanji means. And the rest I HAVE NO CLUE.

In general life, I just sort of skim over the gobbleydegood kanji and I usually don’t get into much trouble for it. (Except, for example, the time I bought full cream instead of milk and got a huge stomachache from it.) But on a reading comprehension passage, I can’t just toss the paper aside, telling myself “It can’t be that important if I can’t understand it,” and do something more fun.

So my basic tactic will be to do the parts I can and weep silently during the parts I can’t. No, honestly, I am thinking of this test as practice. December is the REAL test, tomorrow is just fun and games. No biggie.

By the way, I am SICK of Japanese. “Japanesey, it’s so easy,” that used to be my theme song that I would sing around the house. Well, recently it has changed to “I fucking hate Japanese.”

Today, my son and I will go bug hunting so I will free my mind of all cares and worries and 日本語。 Japanese.