Bustling Sendai!  If you live in a city like Fukushima, it is a shopper’s paradise.


What I bought:

Yummy American goldfish cookies.  Gotta get exposed to American culture!

A bilingual comic in English and Japanese.  Looked really cute.

Feelings poster.  Mr. Peepee is now hanging in a place of honor right behind our toilet.

Bagels.  The Taste of Americaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.

Yummy Japanese snack as a present for my Japanese teacher

Cushion for the airplane.  Used it on the train on the way home.

Not pictured:  Handkerchiefs from the Pokemon Center.  Handkerchiefs are always useful in Japan.  (Not that I ever remember to bring mine!)


I was considering buying “When Marnie was There” since it is a new Ghibli movie coming out this summer.  I had looked on the kindle and it wasn’t available.  But I did not buy it in Sendai, and then came home and looked on my kindle, and it was available for under four dollars.   So I bought it.

I was also considering buying books for reading practice in Japanese.  Level Two books, basically, with essays.  However, I have still not completed the Somatome and I don’t want to get in over my head.  I have to remember that even if I buy something new, it doesn’t help if I don’t have time to actually study it!


Sendai is a great city, but I was happy to return to sleepy Fukushima.