We were cleaning up Legos and my son said, “Get the invisible box.” I said, “Invisible?”

Looking around the room for an invisible box is like                                              , don’t you think that is an apt comparison?

Anyway, he said, “Like this box.”  Oh, he meant clear.  And I told him so.  Clear. Clear. Clear.

So while my son is great at speaking English, his vocabulary clearly needs work.  I try to build it up by using big fifty dollar words and explaining them during the course of natural conversation.  “It’s sweltering today.  That means it’s very hot!”

Honestly, he is not the type of kid to play organized word games that much.  We do a lot of looking at books together and chatting, very casual stuff.  While looking at a book the other day, he asked me what “shaman” meant, and I told him.

I went to Sendai the other day and thought about buying a learner’s dictionary, and then we could look up the definition, highlight the word with yellow marker, and sticky tape the page.  The problem is 1.) I know that if we did all that my son would throw a fit and stop the conversation.  Although, I am still mulling this over in my mind and might try it anyway.  2) None of the learner’s dictionaries have the word “shaman” in them. So if it doesn’t have that word, what is the point of buying it?  (We have a Roget’s Dictionary already.  Although, usually I just use the internet dictionaries for my own personal use.)

To be continued tomorrow with an exciting summary of what I purchased in the metropolis of Sendai………. Stay tuned.