I was browsing the canned fish and meat section of our local little grocery store.  (Seikyo Coop)   I was surprised to find canned whale!  (Two brands on the left).  At 435 yen, most people can afford to get a taste of whale meat.  Not that I want to buy it!  (I didn’t.)  And not that I support whaling!  (I don’t.)

I know that long ago whale meat was common (at least to some extent?) in school lunches.  We are talking back in the nineteen-thirties.  It is part of Japanese culture, but a part that I think they need to rid themselves of.

I told my son about the whale meat in the store and he said that once they had whale for school lunch!  So they are still doing it.  😦

But don’t hate me.  Because I am a total hyprocite.

I once ate whale meat myself!

Here’s the story.  I was at a fancy party and sashimi was served.  I was told it was whale meat.  (About a slice or two.)  I thought:  If I don’t eat it, it will get thrown away, or somebody will eat it off my plate.  So I went ahead and tried it.

It was actually very good.  It’s a beefy flavor, rather than a fishy flavor.  So yeah, I can see why some Japanese people still like it.

I won’t try it again, and I certainly won’t buy it.

Oh, and by the way, any guesses as to what the can on the right is?  🙂