We are working through Spectrum Writing textbook. I tried so many things before finding this book, and I love it. It’s not really a journal–more formal than that. But it’s free enough that my son writes about his favorite topics.
This week he wrote Interview questions. Then today he asked his dad, who gave him the answers and my son wrote them down. A good way to find out about daddy!
Who do you most admire? (given by book)
What job do you do? (given by book)
Where do you work?
When do you work?
How do you do your job?
Why do you drink sake? (LOL)

My stupid problem is that I promised my son he could stop his Mommy Mommy English Lesson after finishing the interview. Well, it didn’t take that long, and I regretted my promise. However, he is now reading an English book, so I guess it is okay? I always do that, “IF YOU DO THIS, WE ARE FINISHED FOR THE DAY!” Agh!

I was at a cute little book store and made a pity purchase. You know, when you don’t really need the item, but feel sorry for the struggling little business so you buy the item anyway. It was the Japanese version of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do It Yourself Journal. I then set the journal in a place where my son could see it. It turned out to be a great purchase because he has really been scribbling in that journal, answering its questions and putting down his thoughts.
We did the English version a while back togeth (for English practice) and he says he doesn’t need to do it again. Hello, Greg Heffley! We need more Do It Yourself Journals!!!!!!!!!!!!!